Cannabis Industry Leaders, Featuring Emilie Ramach, VP

Emilie Ramach, Vice President of BeneLeaves, has captivated the world with her innovative approach to sustainable business practices and community empowerment. However, before her journey with Beneleaves began, Ramach’s career was a tapestry of life experiences and charitable endeavors. In addition to her professional accomplishments, what people admire most about Ramach is her continuing passion to change lives and bring relief and hope to families across the country.

Young, Dumb, and Passionate

On multiple occasions, Emilie can be quoted as stating she and her friends were “young, dumb, and passionate.” It’s a humble entry into the life of someone who would go on to change the lives of so many through her personal passion to educate families about the healing properties of cannabis. Ramach grew up as an average young adult. She wasn’t into the “party scene,” but she was part of a close group of friends that would spend weekends getting high and playing video games.

In an era where politicians were demonizing a life-changing plant, she and her friends would come to realize that marijuana was far more than a way to chill on the weekends. Her best friend was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the young age of 22. He was always the resilient optimist, shrugging off cancer like one would move on from a mosquito bite. However, this time, it wasn’t as simple.

Emilie watched as chemotherapy took it’s toll. He grew weaker as doctors administered their treatments. Ramach decided it was time to test a different approach.

A Head-Turning Recovery

She threw herself into researching other options to relieve his cancer and came across a potent, natural medicine: Rick Simpson Oil (or RSO.) Although not technically a brand, RSO is synonymous with full-spectrum cannabis extracts and is considered to be a natural treatment for various ailments, including cancer. They decided to give it a try.

After beginning his treatments using RSO, his tumors began to shrink, and his energy levels began to return to normal. His professional career was booming, and he began to engage in a normal life again. His recovery was undeniable, and it amazed those around him. That’s when his doctors began to take notice.

At the time, the government still considered cannabis to be illegal. To avoid potential legal challenges and ensure his job was not jeopardized, the difficult decision was made to stop using full-spectrum cannabis oil.

“Emilie, you have to keep going.”

Several months later, his pancreatic cancer made a resurgence, and her best friend passed away. The day before, Emilie sat with him in hospice. He took her hand, looked her in the eyes, and said, “Emilie, you have to keep going.” In just a few words, he communicated what they both knew. Medical cannabis had been healing him and improving his quality of life.

This was the defining moment in her life. Her best friend hadn’t only battled cancer but also the taboo and misinformation surrounding cannabis, which ultimately resulted in him stopping his RSO treatments. Emilie’s calling was clear: she would become an advocate for medicinal marijuana. It was paramount that the public be properly educated on its benefits and therapeutic characteristics. First, she needed to educate herself, and she began by reading everything she could find on cannabis legislation.

Growing Experience

It’s important to note that even in her early career, Ramach displayed a natural aptitude for entrepreneurship. She co-founded a startup focused on renewable energy solutions, driven by her conviction to mitigate climate change through innovation. This venture not only showcased her business acumen but also underscored her commitment to creating tangible, positive impacts on the environment.

Emilie’s professional arc continued to develop as she spent time in Colorado working for a cannabis cultivation facility. She learned how to grow, nurture, and care for the plants, giving her hands-on experience with the flower’s origin and how it was grown. She learned how buds were processed into oil, tinctures, and edibles.

Later, she would go on to become a medical cannabis consultant in the states of Michigan and Ohio. She recalls,

I would help patients and families who wanted to try using cannabis as an alternative to chemotherapy or pharmaceutical medications. I helped them navigate the process.

Emilie Ramach, VP at BeneLeaves

She soon discovered that there was another common barrier for those wanting to try medical cannabinoids: cost.

Compassionate Alternatives

Ramach’s journey was not only defined by business pursuits; she also dedicated herself to philanthropy. Through various charitable initiatives, she worked tirelessly to address social inequalities and environmental degradation. Whether it was organizing community clean-up drives or supporting educational programs in underprivileged areas, Ramach’s charitable efforts left an enduring mark on the communities she touched.

As she consulted families on the benefits of medicinal cannabinoids, it became quickly apparent that many patients could not afford the costs of these products. The doctor appointments, registration fees, and product costs were not covered by insurance. She founded Compassionate Alternatives as a response to these financial hurdles.

Many of these patients have chronic diseases. Their medical bills have piled up. So many of these families were crippled by medical debt that the thought of paying out-of-pocket for medical cannabis was so far out of reach for so many people.”

Emilie Ramach, Founder and President of Compassionate Alternatives

The non-profit organization obtained a proper 501(c)(3) license and is 100% volunteer-operated. With the exception of overhead, all proceeds go right back to the public and educational programs. You can learn more by listening to the Consider Cannabis podcast, episode 18.

Advocacy and Thought Leadership

Beyond her entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavors, Ramach emerged as a prominent voice in the realms of sustainability and corporate responsibility. Through speaking engagements, op-eds, and participation in industry forums, she championed the adoption of sustainable business practices, urging stakeholders to prioritize environmental stewardship and social equity.

Emilie Ramach was no longer, as she described her youth, “young and dumb.” She was experienced, knowledgeable, and making a difference in people’s lives. This caught the attention of one Peggy Hollenback, founder of BeneLeaves. She saw a cannabis kindred spirit in Emilie, both sharing the same passion for medical cannabinoids and public education. Peg insisted Emilie join the BeneLeaves family and wasn’t going to take “no” for an answer.

Finding a Home at Beneleaves

Emilie saw something special in BeneLeaves and joined the team, becoming Vice President. She had arrived at a company that shared her personal and professional mission: to provide effective, natural medicine to patients suffering from a multitude of ailments.

When entering the BeneLeaves processing facility, you are met with a wall colored in a beautiful spectrum of spring-like colors. In large letters, the wall reads, "You've arrived (at) BeneLeaves."
Peg Hollenback knew of Emilie’s career in medical cannabis and saw her genuine passion to improve patient’s access to medical cannabinoids. Peg knew Emilie belonged at BeneLeaves. After all, she shared the same vision and goals that Peg and Jeff had for the budding cannabis processing company. Emilie accepted Peg’s invitation and joined the BeneLeaves family.

Along with the likes of Peg Hollenback and Bill Williams, Ramach’s expertise and passion played a central role in shaping Beneleaves into the trailblazing enterprise it is today. And together, they continue to set the bar for cannabis processors and manufacturers.

Celebrating Leadership in the Cannabis Industry

Emilie Ramach’s earlier career serves as a testament to her unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and cannapreneurial innovation. As she continues to help steer Beneleaves towards greater heights of success, Ramach remains a beacon of inspiration for aspiring cannabis enthusiasts, medical patients, and sustainability advocates alike.

Note: This article celebrates cannabis industry leaders. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.

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