Fatburger and Kiva Team Up To Innovate Cannabis-infused Ketchup

It’s a celebratory time for cannabis enthusiasts (April 20), and if you’re in southern California, we’d recommend commemorating the day with a burger, fries, and ketchup. “But where’s the sauce?” you might ask.

A west coast burger joint is making waves in both the foodservice and cannabis communities. Fatburger, a California-based hamburger restaurant, has teamed up with the master confectioners at Kiva to innovate a new and exciting edible — the canndiment. Their cannabis-infused ketchup offers a new twist on an old favorite among the edible-initiated. Combined with the premium-quality food served by Fatburger, this partnership is turning heads while making mouths water.

Lovie Yancey and The Last Great Hamburger Stand™

Fatburger opened its doors in 1947 under the name, “Mr. Fatburger.” Lovie Yancey was born during a time when women were positioning to break free from being hidden in the back-of-house, to operating and managing their own foodservice establishments. Lovie Yancey, both a woman and a minority, demonstrated her resolve by easily breaking through the social barriers of the time. She would kick-off the second half of the 19th century with a popular, all-American cuisine — a burger and fries, the very finest.

A few short years later, Yancey and her colleague Charles Simpson parted ways and she took full control of the successful restaurant in 1952. It was then the African-American icon removed the “Mr.” and rebranded her restaurant as “Fatburger,” the name was her idea and already had an impressive following. She was known for frequently working 16 to 18-hour shifts to ensure the success of her business venture, and her love of the trade could be tasted in her legendary burgers.

Fatburger Restaurants
Fatburger has come a long way from its humble, yet prestigious beginnings. Founder Lovie Yancey started Fatburger in 1952, and it remains one of the most popular hamburger shops to this day.

Fatburger was frequented by celebrities such as Ray Charles and Redd Foxx, who held Fatburger’s high-quality, nostalgic flavors in the highest regard.

Over 70 Years of Fatburger

Although the female entrepreneur passed away in 2008, her hard work, commitment to fresh ingredients, and desire to provide good food and music to every race and creed lives on through the hundreds of Fatburger locations found around the globe.

Little did Lovie Yancey know, her dream would go on to partner with a modern cannabis powerhouse that would help propel both brands forward while fostering a new level of inclusivity with the cannabis community.

Kiva, Family-owned Confection

Kiva is known for its innovative edibles, including chocolate bars, mints, and gummies, all infused with precisely measured doses of THC. Their products are popular among cannabis enthusiasts, both for their effectiveness and their delicious flavors. Founders Scott and Kristi Palmer realized a dream where the cannabis community could enjoy superior confectionery edibles with tastes to rival the most prestigious chocolatiers and most lavish palates.

Kiva Cannabis-infused Chocolates
Scott and Kristi Palmer founded Kiva to bring high-quality edibles to the legal cannabis market. Their products are renowned for their luxurious flavors and highly reliable dosing.

Kiva didn’t stop with just manufacturing quality products; they maintain a mission of social and ecological responsibility. For example, their Kiva Bar packaging is 100% biodegradable down to the transparent film normally manufactured by competitors using non-recyclable plastics. Kiva is also a huge advocate for the cannabis community, supporting regulations that make sense for customers, as well as providing opportunities for the commercial cannabis community to connect.

Canndiments: A New Strain of Edibles

Leading up to the date cannabis admirers celebrate in unison every year, 4/20, Fatburger and Kiva teamed up to reimagine a cannabis fan favorite — infused ketchup. Together, the foodservice and edible manufacturing titans brought the “sauce” so Fatburger fans could reach new highs while enjoying their favorite menu items.

The new ketchup, made with Kiva’s signature THC-infused oil, is available at The Artist Tree and Sweet Flower, a short distance from select Fatburger locations. Simply order your food, pick up a 10mg THC-infused ketchup packet (for around $5), and enjoy a classic meal with a modern twist. We know the question on everyone’s mind is, “But how does it taste?” Unfortunately, we haven’t been privileged to try it yet, however, the reviews are extremely positive as one would expect from a Kiva product.

Cannabis-infused Ketchup
An old favorite is being brought back in style thanks to the partnership between Fatburger and Kiva. Canndiments are a great way to add THC to your favorite menu items.

While the idea of cannabis-infused ketchup might sound a little unconventional for an edible, it is a testament to the growing popularity of cannabis-infused products. As more states legalize marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use, companies like Kiva are finding new ways to incorporate cannabis into everyday products and ingredients.

A Bright Future for Foodservice / Cannabis Partnerships

The partnership between Fatburger and Kiva is an example of two companies coming together to create something truly unique. While the ketchup is only available in a limited number of locations while supplies last, it is a sign of the increasing acceptance of cannabis in our culture and social circles.

Overall, the Fatburger and Kiva cannabis-infused ketchup is a fun and flavorful addition to the fast-food landscape. “Kiva x Fatburger Cannabis-infused Ketchup” represents a changing tide in society’s acceptance of cannabis playing a role in our medicinal and recreational activities. Whether you are a cannabis enthusiast or simply curious to try something new, this high-quality canndiment is worth a taste.

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