Smoke & Mirrors: Nevada’s First Consumption Lounge

This week, Nevada cut the ribbon on a brand-new hospitality sector, starting in the epicenter of tourism and entertainment: Las Vegas. The Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board issued the inaugural cannabis consumption lounge license to Thrive Cannabis Marketplace. Thrive is Nevada’s largest, independently owned cannabis dispensary. Their business continues to grow with the addition of Smoke and Mirrors — the state’s first fully licensed cannabis consumption lounge.

The awarded license comes nearly three years after Nevada passed legislation allowing adult-use cannabis consumption lounges back in late 2021. Since then, multiple cannabis MSOs and independent operators have applied for conditional licenses, but Smoke & Mirrors is the only applicant, so far, to receive approval from the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board. What was for many a magical celebration, on February 23rd, the doors to Smoke and Mirrors were opened to the public. 

Consumption Lounges’ Integral Role in Adult-Use Cannabis

While Nevada legalized adult-use cannabis back in 2017, public consumption in Las Vegas is strictly prohibited. In fact, all public consumption is illegal, even in casinos and hotels. This presents a challenge for tourists looking to consume cannabis legally, who often only have access to these public spaces when visiting the entertainment capital of the world.

A girl with glasses exhales smoke with a bright, white light in the shape of a halo is behind her.
In locations such as big cities, it can be difficult to find a place to consume your botanical products. Often, it is still illegal to consume cannabis in public or on property that is not privately owned. Cannabis consumption lounges solve this issue by providing legal, secure locations to partake in adult-use or medicinal cannabinoids.

The creation of cannabis consumption lounges opens a safe space for visitors and locals alike to enjoy cannabis without fear of persecution or prosecution. Smoke and Mirrors establishes itself as, 

…more than just a place to enjoy cannabis — we are an entertainment venue presenting a hi-fi musical experience while serving as a vibrant community hub.”

Retrieved February 27th, 2024. Smoke and Mirrors Cannabis Lounge.

The venue is set to host local artists, musicians, events, and educational product demonstrations to help increase consumer knowledge of the rapidly evolving cannabis industry. This first-of-its-kind establishment will offer cannabis-infused cocktails crafted on-site. Additionally, they’ll serve a curated selection of premium cannabis products catering to cannabis aficionados and the canna-curious through their dispensary storefront acting as the entrance to the consumption lounge.

All eyes are set on Smoke and Mirrors to establish the standard for this burgeoning hospitality sector in the city known for its hospitality and cannabis-friendly, forward-thinking.

Transforming Dispensaries Into Rich Experiences

We eagerly await the proliferation of cannabis consumption lounges across the nation.  The intersection of foodservice, hospitality, and cannabis is Omega’s specialty. Our Design + Build team has decades of experience creating unique and functional hospitality spaces that enhance the overall ambiance without compromising operational integrity.

Many members of the Omega team spent years honing their skills and logistical expertise at nationwide foodservice companies. Our team can build cannabis kitchens, source grow-room equipment, and design cannabis manufacturing businesses from the ground up. Designing and building consumption lounges is in our DNA. To say we’re excited to bring our expertise to the cannabis hospitality sector is an understatement.

We’re passionate about our work, and as cannabis lounges continue to blossom, we’ll be there to stand them up.

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