Cannabis Sustainability in Manufacturing – A Sustainable Cannabis Coalition Podcast

Omega Equipment & Supply is proud to be a founding member of the Sustainable Cannabis Coalition. Recently, our COO, Eric Myers, participated in a podcast discussion with one of Omega’s customers, Jeff & Peggy Hollenback of BeneLeaves, to discuss cannabis sustainability in manufacturing and production.

BeneLeaves is a manufacturer of high-quality cannabis products for the Ohio market. Both Omega and BeneLeaves have a passion for driving sustainability, reducing waste, and increasing profitability while doing so.

The Sustainable Cannabis Coalition

“We believe that sustainability is an issue that is important in all aspects of the cannabis industry,” according to Eric Myers of Omega. “We strive to help our customers by trying to understand their needs and then assist them in procuring the products they need to manage their businesses effectively. Building sustainability into plans early on can make a huge difference.”

From the initial extraction through to the final packaging, there are a number of points of intervention that can make huge differences for sustainability. In this podcast, Omega & BeneLeaves talk about two such scenarios.

The first is a case study designed to reduce excess packaging for cannabis products. The state requirements for the packaging of cannabis products can be difficult to meet in a sustainable way. But with some creative thinking and a good sourcing partner, Omega was able to find a way to meet these challenges and help Beneleaves reduce its costs while simultaneously reducing the amount of post-consumer waste entering the refuse stream.

BeneLeaves strives to create customer friendly packaging while simultaneously reducing excess waste.

The second scenario addresses BeneLeaves’ attempts to use every part of the plant and its extracts during the production process. What some see as waste, Beneleaves was able to turn into an additional revenue source for new products. For the whole story, listen to the podcast above or on the Sustainable Cannabis Coalition website.

Who We Are

The mission of the Sustainable Cannabis Coalition is to have cannabis industry leaders working together to improve sustainability in cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution throughout the market.

BeneLeaves meticulously sources cannabis strains from trusted Ohio growers that target the 22 qualifying medical conditions recognized by the state of Ohio.

Omega Equipment & Supply is a full-service supply chain solution for the cannabis industry – serving cultivators, processors, manufacturers, dispensaries/retailers, distributors, and testing facilities. We have nationwide distribution through our network of 5 distribution centers. We also offer custom fabrication in addition to a full range of equipment and supplies for the cannabis industry.

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