The Advantages of Using Blank Tip Cones When Manufacturing Prerolls

Competition within the cannabis industry continues to rise as new markets open state by state. As with any growing industry, this has cultivators and manufacturers on the lookout for innovative solutions to streamline their operations and reduce costs. And to maintain a healthy revenue stream, they must also meet the growing demand of customers for popular dispensary products.

With cannabis preroll sales on the rise, one such cost-saving solution is to use blank tip cones. These versatile cones allow you to focus on launching your line of prerolls while reducing costs and simplifying your supply chain.

Launching Your Prerolls With Blank Cones

If you’re just getting started with your cannabis cultivation or manufacturing business and are contemplating having prerolls in your product offerings, there are a few things you’ll want to consider:

  • What is the demand for prerolls in your area?
  • Do you have a reliable supplier for your cones?
  • How many sizes and strains do you plan on offering?

Although it’s important to do some homework and create some reasonable sales projections, one can’t always be certain how a new product launch will go. This is especially true when you’re operating in a relatively new (legal cannabis) market.

Simplified Planning

Pre-rolled cones often come with printed filters displaying the brand of the cone manufacturer. Other times, a cultivator or preroll manufacturer may want to opt for custom printing or labeling the crutch to reflect their business’ brand. As fun as it can be to have your tips adorned with custom printing, this can bring about a few challenges.

First, custom tips will cost you extra. Sometimes the costs are significant while some services offer savings if you’re willing to purchase enough cones to meet their minimum order quantity. Regardless, when you’re on a tight budget every cost-saving opportunity should be considered.

It’s also worth noting, that custom branding can take months to be fulfilled. This may not be an issue if you’ve timed your first batch with the launch of your prerolls. However, when your inventory is running low, the last thing you want is to have customers waiting for you to restock. This provides an unfortunate opportunity for them to explore other brands in search of an alternate, therapeutic toke.

Using blank tip cones can mitigate some of the costs and restocking time restraints associated with branded cones. And when purchasing from a trusted supply partner, getting your preroll production rolling again is even easier.

Customization Opportunities

While blank tip cones don’t come with pre-printed styling, they can still be customized with labels, stickers, or packaging to convey branding and strain information. Conveniently, the same blank tip cones can be used across your entire preroll production line. So, if you have a strain that’s particularly popular, you can simply use the same cones to manufacture your prerolls.

Zig-Zag blank tip cones
Zig-Zag’s product line of blank tip cones is perfect for cannabis preroll manufacturers who want high-quality, unbranded cones to use in their manufacturing process. They are shipped in a crush-resistant box and are available in multiple sizes.

When on a tight budget, rather than investing to brand your filters, consider diverting those costs into branding your packaging. If you want to build customer loyalty and get them fired up for your brand, you can label your tubes, tins, jars, or boxes. This approach offers branding and manufacturing flexibility without the cost of custom-printed cone tips.

Blank Cones: Less Is More

Blank cones are undoubtedly a game-changer for cannabis cultivators and preroll manufacturers, especially for those new to manufacturing joints. Whether you’re looking for ways to reduce supply chain issues or looking to simplify your preroll manufacturing process — blank cones present efficient, cost-saving opportunities. Branded cones are still popular depending on your marketing strategy, however, it’s worth taking a look into packaging your ground flower into blank cones.

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