Ultrasonic Washers: How Do They Work?

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” A phrase popularized by John Wesley. Although there is some debate on when and where the phrase originated, some say it was during the Black Plague when disease prevention was seen as important as piety.

If anyone can understand the critical need for cleanliness, it’s the cannabis industry. Cannabis operations are highly regulated to ensure the safe production of medicines and adult-use products.

Enter The Ultrasonic Washer

A piece of cleaning equipment that has been serving the lab environment for a long time and is right at home in cannabis processing labs.

Ultrasonic washers – like this one from Omegasonics – dissolve residue left behind from cannabis buds, biomass, oils, extract, and more.

Cleaning With Sound, Right?

When you shop for ultrasonic washers, you may think these machines clean with sound waves. And you would be right! (pat yourself on the back) But if you’re like most people, you’re curious just how it works.

“Ultrasonic” refers to sound wave frequencies at or above the range of human hearing. Dog whistles, many forms of sonar, and the ultrasound devices used in doctors offices are all examples that use ultrasonic wavelengths.

These high-frequency waves can also be deliberately destructive. In controlled environments, ultrasonic waves break up kidney stones, shatter glass, or break down toxic materials at a molecular level.

Cavitation – Bubble Power!

Ultrasonic washers use cavitation to “gently” clean medical and lab equipment.

Cavitation occurs when the very, very fast changes in pressure caused by ultrasound waves create tiny pockets of water vapor (bubbles), that release a great deal of energy when they collapse. The released energy travels in the form of a “shockwave.”

These little shockwaves created by the ultrasonic cleaning machine, transfer heat energy to unwanted material, breaking their bonds with the equipment.

In this way, ultrasonic washers use calibrated shockwaves to break apart the toughest plant matter on your glass, aluminum, steel, and ceramic tools and equipment.

For Cannabis Cultivators and Processors

If you’re struggling to keep your equipment and tools clean, an ultrasonic cleaner is for you.

Trimmers, beakers, stirrers, glass jars of all sizes – can all be cleaned of tough, sticky plant matter, cannabis oil, extracts, and much more in a matter of minutes.

Ultrasonic washers are built tough and are designed for daily, commercial use. When used with hot water and ultrasonic cleaning soap, even the toughest resins are pulled off your processing equipment in a matter of minutes.

Besides saving your cultivation and processing business a significant amount of time (and frustration) sanitizing difficult to clean supplies, you’ll end up replacing fewer pieces of glass and delicate equipment that can break inside a standard commercial dishwasher.

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